Monday, December 14, 2009


Lappy's back!
it got so sick that it refuses to let me switch it on..
so i had to send it to the doctor (service centre)

lucky it was still covered by warranty
if not, i will have a huge huge huge hole in my pocket!
anyway, it's back to normal now!

oh yeah, last week
i don't know what i ate
i woke up in the middle of the night
it sure felt horrible..
immediately called the hotel to take mc...
it's my second time taking mc
so i don't think i'm that bad eh?

my birthday was a blast
maybe it won't be like what the others are having
throwing big parties, having lotsa friends around
mine was just pure family members
and that was already good enough..

we all have to live life to the fullest right?
no point fretting or regreting anything..
i liked my birthday this year..
i don't need presents or anything..
wishes are also good enough.
i'm thankful to everyone who played their part,
be it big or small
you guys still matter most to me..

just that at a point of time
you do get a little emotional that certain people
are not around or there
or those that you think would remember, forgot..
but oh well, it's passed..
looking forward to 365 more days!

when you look me in the eyes
tell me that you love me
everything's alright

¿ ~ von ~ ?

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